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The interest for Swedish companies within “the Green Energy sector” is huge on the North American market. Through a variety of activities Business Sweden’s office in Canada has successfully worked to promote business opportunities for Swedish companies in the region.

Business Sweden Canada has during recent years worked intensively with “The Green Energy Sector”, which has resulted in the identification of concrete business opportunities, valuable media attention in Sweden but also attention for the Swedish energy companies in North America. North America Energy Plan was developed to continue to build upon these successful activities and to take advantage of the large and continuously growing market potential.

The content rests on three cornerstones

The program was based on three cornerstones: long-term focus, creating value and being close to business opportunities. The content were adapted to generate the greatest possible value for participating companies and contained business and network support, matchmaking activities between companies and customized meetings and workshops. In addition, participating companies got a spot on the Swedish pavilion on a number of selected conferences, including QUEST 2014 in Vancouver and the international Biomass Conference 2015 in Minneapolis. The Energy Authority contributed with funding, advisory services and its business network.

Business Sweden has during the program been monitoring potential business opportunities so that they can inform Swedish companies about the North American development in biotechnology and long-distance energy. More specifically, this work consisted of analyzing the current market situation as well as what major ventures that is coming. They have also reviewed which types of Swedish products and services that is required so that they can boost the green energy export to North America. Furthermore, Business Sweden contributed with business support for interested companies, especially for the companies that participated in different activities.

Swedish companies got much to assemble

North America Energy plan has generated booth short- and long-term results. Several companies have been given the chance to familiarize themselves with the market and establish networks as an initial step for establishment. Others have managed to initiate concrete projects. Many discussions are ongoing and Business Sweden will continue to work actively within this field in the future.

- It is obvious that there is a demand for Swedish knowledge in North America. The market is many years behind and Swedish companies in the biotechnology and long-distance energy has much to gain the coming years, says Arne Sandin, CEO of Bizcat, who participated in the program. 

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Lydia Engholm

Trade Commissioner Toronto Trade Commissioner, Toronto
+1 647 971 8152
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Christina Keighren

Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure Industry Advisor Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure Industry Advisor
+1 647 502 9782