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Dr. Denim poised for U.S. growth

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Premium lifestyle brand Dr. Denim, with flagship stores in Sweden, sells its jeans worldwide through major retailers and its own website. In approaching the U.S. market, Business Sweden and Dr. Denim collaborated in incorporating a subsidiary, finding key sales partners, and engaging in ongoing advisory services.

Founded in Gothenburg in 2004, the family-owned and operated denim-based lifestyle brand provides premium jeans at affordable prices. The company has sales networks throughout Europe, Australia and Asia and uses distributors as well as agents, depending on the market. 

When Dr. Denim and Business Sweden initiated their collaboration, the main objective was to establish a local presence on the market and increase the company’s sales capacity. There was also a need for advisory support from Dr. Denim’s side, due to the geographic as well as the psychic distance between the Swedish and the U.S market.

“We had worked with Business Sweden in similar projects before. The main difference this time, however, was that while some markets are more distant from the Swedish one in a very apparent way, the U.S market requires the ability to identify the critical differences that cannot always be spotted instantly,” says Caroline Wetterling, Operations Manager at Dr. Denim. “Having Business Sweden in a supporting role gave us a sense of safety, as they could provide hands-on answers to our questions.”

Dr. Denim initially registered a subsidiary and Business Sweden supported the company in screening the American market for relevant and competent sales agencies in order to meet with potential partners. Business Sweden carried out a partner search and set up a meeting program with eight top potential partners. Although the meetings were promising, Dr.Denim decided to change course and are now in the process of establishing a local market presence. Business Sweden has provided ongoing advisory support in benchmarking on benefits, market analysis and more.


“Our collaboration with Business Sweden has been professional and there has been a mutual understanding of the level we want to keep the projects on,” says Caroline. “We definitely want to maintain the contact with Business Sweden, as it is a serious organization with Swedish best interests at hand.”

With Business Sweden having an administrative role as well as a hands-on, advisory role, the project process and outcomes have been met with positive feedback from both sides.

“Our partnership with Dr. Denim has been a successful one, and I hope that it continues well into the future,” says Roman Reyes, Director of Administration at Business Sweden in Chicago. “We look forward to follow their continued growth process.”

The careful preparation and continued open dialogue will help Dr. Denim ensure that its promising early results will translate into long-term, sustainable success in the U.S. retail market.

“Dr. Denim has a laser-focus on the U.S., a great brand, and a product with proven interest here. I’m not surprised they’ve succeeded and believe they will continue to rise to new heights,” says Phil Thompson, Project Manager, Business Sweden.

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