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ClimeOn: A breath of fresh air in the Mexican energy sector

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One of the biggest issues that we all face today is the global energy and climate crisis where energy consumption is growing and fossil fuels are polluting our skies.

When Climeon founder Thomas Öström visited China on business he was shocked by the air quality and decided to devote himself to making the world a better place. After looking into ways of counteracting climate change, Thomas soon realized that about 50% of world´s energy ended up wasted as low temperature heat and that this heat could be recycled, thus generating massive CO₂ savings and great economic benefits.

Climeon was founded in the beginning of 2011 and its concept of converting heat into energy and 100% clean electricity is called C3 Technology (see www.climeon.com). The unit implementing the technology, Climeon Ocean, operates at low heat input temperatures between 70 and 120°C, which were previously unfeasible. Denise Conway, Head of Sales – Utilities at Climeon, mentions that “according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), if Climeon Ocean is used to recover as little as 10% of the available waste heat solely from industries and merchant vessels, 21.6 million tons of CO₂ emissions would be saved over a 10 year period. This is similar to the amount of CO₂ emissions produced by the country of Greece each year.”

The revolutionary technology is applicable in e.g. power plants, steel manufacturing, marine industry and its benefits for the environment have been recognized on numerous occasions. In 2016 Climeon received the prestigious WWF Honoree of Climate Solver and was named one of the 33 hottest tech companies in Sweden – second year in a row.

As a partner in the 2016 Swedish “33-listan” start-up event, Business Sweden took note of the initial success and great capability of Climeon – including its potential for exports in order to open up the frontiers of its marketplace. After initial discussions between Executive Vice President David Ekberg and Business Sweden representatives from Mexico, Business Sweden later provided Climeon with a pre-study of market opportunities within the shipping industry, energy market, gen-tech and information on Clean Energy Certificates in Mexico. The findings of the study together with further discussions between both parties resulted in Climeon considering Mexico as an opportunity-market, mainly because of its recent energy reform providing incentives for renewable energy development, as well as the country´s steady economic growth, particularly in heavy industries.

Climeon´s interest in Mexico eventually led to engaging formally with Business Sweden to prepare for and accelerate the company´s introduction to the Mexican market. This initial collaboration consisted of two parts, starting with the identification of requirements for achieving Clean Energy certification (CEL) and identifying sectors and prospective companies most likely to take action to comply with these Clean-tech and CEL regulations. In a second step, a visiting program to Mexico was arranged with the purpose of Climeon meeting with potential customers. Climeon´s visit to Mexico City was planned to coincide with the Green Expo that took place in October in order to make it more productive in terms of qualifying and meeting just the right potential customers. “Business Sweden arranged face to face meetings with key decision makers with multiple potential customers and partners. Additionally two speaker slots were arranged at a Green Energy conference that was running during the same week as the visit, giving Climeon the opportunity to communicate our value proposition to a wider audience of potential customers. At every step along the way, Business Sweden were engaged and professional”, says Denise Conway.

“The trip was a resounding success with every meeting resulting in potential business opportunities. The Business Sweden team has provided an exemplary service that has supported us in entering the Mexican market.  A return trip has already been scheduled and we will continue to utilise the services provided by Business Sweden both in Mexico and other markets around the world”, Denise continues.

It is exhilarating working with Climeon and truly inspiring to understand its driving force to reduce humanity´s ecological footprint. We are proud to work with companies like these that show the full potential of Swedish technological innovation, helping establish our export-based country as a world leader in sustainable economic development.