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To increase sales in the region of Dubai Brokk hired two qualified regional sales managers. Business Sweden used its large, local and regional network, as well as their experience within recruitment, and played an important part in the successful mission.

Business Sweden assisted Brokk during the recruitment process of the two regional sales managers that were going to be stationed in North Africa and the Middle East (MENA), and the Gulf region (GCC). Brokk has been a world leader in remote controlled demolition machines over the last 35 years. Today there are more than 5 000 Brokk-machines that solves demolition problems every day.

To find the right candidates for such a niched company as Brokks, Business Sweden stepped in and supported during several stages, the process consisted of four different parts. The first step was to define the profiles and the job description for the intended sales managers. Business Sweden then had to deliver competitive working conditions, which had to be adapted to the market of Dubai. Then they identified and selected the appropriate recruitment channels to ensure that the best candidates were attracted and wanted to apply for the job. This step was followed by a selection and screening process of a 1000 candidates. Some of the applicants had applied directly to Business Sweden and some through contacts and local networks. Based on these applications Business Sweden chose a handful of candidates for interviews, the interviews were then conducted together with representatives from Brokk. Brokk thereafter extended the collaboration with Business Sweden and they continued to support in the negotiation- and hiring- process of the two candidates.

The collaboration between Business Sweden and Brokk was very successful and Brokk has now two sales managers covering the priority markets of MENA and GCC with the aim to increase sales of their unique remote controlled demolition machines.