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Swedish air purifier to the rapidly growing market in China

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Blueair is a Swedish technology company that develops, designs and manufactures air purifiers for indoor use. With assistance from Business Sweden, Blueair established a joint venture with two local partners, which resulted in a rapid growth through the help of local expertise.

Blueair had been active on the Chinese market already since 2006 but chose during 2012 to further invest in the Chinese market and setting up local presence. Two local Chinese companies were involved in the join-venture establishment process and Business Sweden assisted with coordination between the parties and enforced the legal process.

Local area network opens doors 

Through Business Sweden's local network, Blueair was introduced to the Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai. The Consulate informed that the Swedish Minister for Trade Ewa Björling were to visit Shanghai. Blueair then arranged an inauguration ceremony of the company where the minister gave an introductory speech. In 2014, Blueair also became involved in an Air Pollution Workshop in Beijing.

We are now in over 450 stores in China, and it could not be better. The new organization is great and establishing legal presence in China was a big step in Blueair's history. I really want to thank Business Sweden for the personal efforts, and for making the project going through, says Bengt Rittri, CEO and founder at Blueair. Since then, Blueair has launched a product line for professional usage and a new concept for the purification of water.

A separate company has also been formed with the assistance from Business Sweden. Additionally, Blueair used Business Sweden’s Business Support Office service to enable staff and business activities during the process of the legal establishment.

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Tobias Glitterstam

Vice President Asia and Pacific Vice President Asia and Pacific
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