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Country benchmark study for Besedo in South America

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Besedo, an online content moderator, contacted Business Sweden seeking support in selecting a location in South America for establishing a new operations office. E-commerce is largely growing in Latin America, which has created demand for Besedo’s solution. Business Sweden prepared a market comparison study between cities in Brazil and Uruguay in order to find the best place for Besedo’s new office, taking into account decisive factors such as workforce availability, salary levels, location of clients and potential risks.

Better Digital Content for All

Besedo is a Sweden-based company specialized in online content moderation for classifieds websites, virtual marketplaces and dating sites. The company reviews and moderates more than 420 million articles yearly, responds to over 1 million user support inquiries and blocks almost 40 million fraud and scam attempts. This is done with a combination of AI powered automation, content filtering and specialized teams of manual moderators. Besedo’s more than 500 employees operate out of 5 offices, serving leading internet companies across the world.

Strategic advice for expansion in Latin America

In order to support the growth of existing clients and to make room for onboarding future accounts Besedo is constantly evaluating new opportunities. Present in South America since 2013 with an office in Colombia, Besedo’s management needed strategic advice and hard data in order to take a decision on if and where to establish a second office in the region.

Business Sweden was contracted to prepare a market analysis and benchmark study of selected countries and cities in the region. Having offices with local staff in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, Business Sweden was able to deliver the assignment with the necessary insight and speed. The multi-market assignment was managed by the office in São Paulo, Brazil.

The objective of the study was to make a comparative analysis of cost levels and key elements of the business environment in selected markets. Based on data and key recommendations, different scenarios for expansion in the region were elaborated. Among other things the study included hard, quantifiable data such as payroll costs for staff from different levels, but also qualitative data such as legal aspects, staff availability, language skill and potential risks.

What we liked about working with Business Sweden was that we did not just receive a complete report. They also gave us access to a balanced scorecard that allowed us to play through various scenarios for our next establishment in the region”, Karl Pettersson, Key Account Manager.

For more information about Besedo, please visit http://www.besedo.com/

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Björn Clavey

Senior Project Manager São Paulo Senior Project Manager, São Paulo
+55 11 2137-4403