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Bergteamet drills in the world’s largest copper mine

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When Bergteamet, who delivers a complete portfolio of services for underground mines, wanted to take the complete step abroad their heads turned towards Chile. They contacted Business Sweden who came with advice for the establishment of the subsidiary and also helped them to locate an office. Bergteamet had been participated in several of Business Sweden’s promotion activities throughout the years.

Bergteamet AB, located in Boliden was founded in 1999 and is a mining contractor company for mining and infrastructure projects. Bergteamet is one of the leading construction companies for underground work in the mining industry in Europe and provide all types of tunneling, excavation work, development and maintenance of mining equipment.

A long-term and strategic vision

Chile is a country that is politically and economically stable, it has the fifth largest mining sector in the world and the competition on the market is low, Bergteamet therefore thought it was a suitable country to establish business in. They got their first project in Chile back in 2007 and had from the start a strategic and long term vision as the there was great business potential and good opportunities for the company to grow. Bergteamet contacted Business Sweden in 2011 to get advice for setting up their subsidiary in Chile. The company then decided to establish its office in Business Sweden’s premises in Santiago.

-In Chile it is important that you can show a local address in a well-known area so that you appear to be a serious supplier. Business Sweden offered us a good option, says Erik Selin, CEO of Bergteamet in Latin America.

Ride on the wave of Sweden’s good reputation

As Bergteamet was a new and small company it was important for them to appear in major mining-related contexts, and that heir solutions was noticed by potential customers. Bergteamet therefore participated in several promotion activities with focus on the Chilean mining sector that Business Sweden arranged, for example they were the main sponsor of a full-day conference under the title “Team Sweden”. Bergteamet was also gold participants in the Swedish pavilion that Business Sweden arranged at Expomin, one of Latin America’s largest mining fairs, where Swedish companies had the opportunity to organize technical seminars and invite clients to a VIP reception at the Swedish Residence.

- For Bergteamet it was of great value to participate in Business Sweden’s activities since we needed to gain visibility among potential customers. Also, we could ride on the strength of the Swedish mining clusters and the good reputation Sweden has in Chile, says Erik Selin.

Today Bergteamet occupies around 20 people in Chile and has several ongoing projects, including in Chuquicamata, which will become the World’s largest underground mine. Many new opportunities have risen, not only in Chile but also in other countries in Latin America.