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BabyBjörn in South Korea

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BabyBjörn, a family-owned company focusing on high-quality and innovative products for infants and toddlers, is rapidly expanding on the Korean market. Business Sweden has been supporting the company in the different phases of market growth.

Since 1961, BABYBJÖRN has proudly manufactured a variety of high-quality, innovative products for infants and toddlers. The company is best known for its world-famous baby carriers and are available in more than 50 countries globally.
The Korean market, with its 50 million people in a relatively small geographical area, shows both good potential as well as challenges for BabyBjörn. The domestic infrastructure is well developed, with mature e-commerce players and tech-savvy and price/quality conscious consumers. The Korean consumers are also known to be trend sensitive and quite demanding, hence the importance of good A/S and fast response times.

Providing plug-and-play support

BabyBjörn took the strategic decision to set up its own subsidiary in Korea. Business Sweden was engaged to establish the company; helping with the set-up of a legal entity and providing infrastructure such as office space and administrative support functions.
In addition, Business Sweden supported with the initial recruitment of key staff, enabling the company to focus on direct sales and marketing activities.
With a long term commitment to the market, BabyBjörn has managed to grow the business steadily year by year in Korea.

“Business Sweden enabled a quick set up of our subsidiary in Korea. With their support, we have been able to focus on client sales and the needs of Korean parents and parents to be. There is still much potential for us to grow in this dynamic market." Björn Engström, Vice President, BabyBjörn AB

Brand promotion for long-term growth

Three years after the initial contact with Business Sweden, the company has grown both its scale of business and the local organization.

In order to strengthen the brand awareness and positioning, many marketing activities are pursued. BabyBjörn has been an instrumental partner in the annual “Scandinavian Lifestyle”-events arranged in Seoul by Business Sweden. The themes have been ranging from Kids Week to Nordic Lifestyle week in 2016, taking place in one of Korea’s leading department stores.

“We have been a partner in Business Sweden’s Life style events to build our brand awareness among media, bloggers and customers. This has been a great way for us to present our world-leading products to Korea’s savvy consumers in a Swedish context.”
Björn Engström, Vice President, BabyBjörn AB