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AVA Monitoring's innovative measuring system acclaimed on international markets

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AVA Monitoring’s fully automatic measuring system for construction and infrastructure projects has revolutionized the engineering consultants’ measuring process. Business Sweden has through its global presence and market knowledge helped AVA Monitoring to strategically launch their offer on the international market.

AVA Monitoring simplifies the measurement of environmental parameters by offering the consultants modern measuring equipment and working tools through the mobile network. The system is fully automatic which makes it easier to protect people, buildings, infrastructure, land, air and watercourse from negative environmental impact. Every ground vibration is registered and the smallest geotechnical parameters can be measured automatically. With a strong position on the Swedish market, AVA Monitoring has started an international expansion of strategic importance.

More business partners of importance

Based on initial prioritization of interesting markets, Ava Monitoring decided to get help from Business Sweden to further explore international opportunities. In the beginning of the process, Australian and United Kingdom was chosen. This initiative allowed the market to be pre-evaluated in detail and also allowed Business Sweden to identify potential partners so that they could initiate sale between the two.

Business Sweden undertook in-depth interviews and analyzed the market conditions to determine the potential of the market, competitiveness and establishment strategy. After the analysis had been performed, Business Sweden introduced Ava Monitoring for potential partners and provided support during business trips in both Australia and United Kingdom. As a direct result of the work done, both in the United Kingdom and Australia, Ava Monitoring could choose between several partners of high interest. The development in the market of the United Kingdom has thereafter proceeded in a rapid pace.

Strategic and practical support

To facilitate future expansion into foreign markets Ava Monitoring considered that additional information had to be gathered as a complement to the first market prioritization. AVA Monitoring chose to renew their confidence for Business Sweden to get more information about which markets that could be of interest on short and long term. For this analysis a more thorough examination of ten markets in Europe and America was performed, among other things it aimed to find out what the local measurement requirements was. AVA Monitoring is now facing further expansion in selected markets.

- Business Sweden early became an important part of AVA Monitoring’s international expansion, and our collaboration has on our prioritized markets for exportation resulted in strategic decision-making as well as practical support. With help from Business Sweden’s global team of consultants, we have effectively been able to internationalize our business, says Owe Källström, CEO of AVA Monitoring.