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Swedish smart lighting solutions make Spain more energy efficient

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Aura Light’s smart lighting solutions are breaking ground in Spain where energy saving and new technology solutions are top priorities. After various years of collaboration with Business Sweden, Aura Light is now lightening up several companies, industries and roads.

Aura Light provide sustainable lighting solutions that enable companies and organisations with for example industrial facilities, schools, warehouses, tunnels and hospitals to reduce costs, energy consumption and their environmental impact. The company also consults and make suggestions on how customers can review their existing lighting solutions and reduce their energy consumption.

Spanish demand for energy efficient solutions

Spain is one of Europe's most energy consuming countries and has the fifth highest electricity prices in the region. Efforts are made on a national level within energy efficiency with the target of reducing electricity consumption by 20 percent between 2011 and 2020, and there is a great demand and interest in smart technology solutions. 

- As a, from a Spanish point of view small and unknown company, it is hard to get attention and to enter into the market. By collaborating with Business Sweden, we have been able to be seen as an important and serious business during our establishment process and growth in Spain, says Ulrik Bertelsen, Regional Director for Southern Europe at Aura Light.

"Business Sweden reaches decision makers"

Business Sweden supports business development for successful expansion by identifying, processing, and following up potential partners and key customers in Spain. Thanks to this, Aura Light’s products are now for example brightening up Spanish airports and manufacturing plants in the food processing industry.

- Business Sweden's ability to reach decision makers in selected industries is outstanding. Thanks to this, we have closed a number of important deals during our establishment process and continued development in Spain, says Ulrik Bertelsen

The key to good collaboration lies in good understanding of both the exporting company's operations as well as local market knowledge. With great track record of generating leads for Swedish companies in a number of sectors in Spain and a large number of other initiatives and activities, there are good opportunities to expand cooperation and continue to grow together.

- The collaboration between Business Sweden and Aura Light extends back in time and across multiple geographic markets. Here in Spain we have, in addition to sales support, also assisted with acquisitions support and partner search. Given the existing demand for smart and energy saving solutions, I see further opportunities to process the Spanish market, says Malin Svensson, Trade Commissioner to Spain at Business Sweden in Madrid.