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ADB Safegate Group is a global company offering a complete range of solutions for increased safety, efficiency and environmental benefits to airports worldwide. They started to discuss with Business Sweden in 2015 in order to establish themselves in Turkey. ADB Safegate is using Business Sweden’s BSO Office and BSO Employment while Business Sweden Istanbul office is supporting the company with different promotional activities within Turkey and Sweden

Safegate has been active on the Turkish market since 1983 through local distributors. After improved opportunities in Turkish aviation industry Safegate decided to employ a sales executive in Turkey and utilized Business Sweden’s BSO employment and office room services.

Recently, ADB Group and Safegate Group united to form ADB Safegate, providing advanced airport operations systems from approach to departure. With this merge ADB Safegate is going to be more dominant for the opportunities in their segment. ADB Safegate group delivers airport performance to more than 2 000 airports in Asia, Europe, Middle East, America, Africa and Oceania.


Safegate has been active in the Turkish market for a long time and has established a widespread network in the country through efficient business development activities. After utilizing Business Sweden’s BSO Office and Employment contracts, Safegate decided to participate in the Airport and Air Traffic Management Delegation in Sweden organized by Business Sweden Istanbul Office in 2015. In this delegation important Turkish stakeholder for Istanbul New Airport and Civil Aviation Authority had a chance to visit Safegate’s headquarter in Malmö and followed the interactive presentation of Safegate’s solutions by company representatives. The stakeholders, who were well aware of Safegates capabilities already, had fruitful discussions with Safegate’s representatives and got a confirmation that the company could offer very good solutions. Turkish stakeholders also experienced the Safegate’s Tower solutions in Arlanda Tower visit. In addition to this delegation, Business Sweden Istanbul Office also organized Istanbul New Airport Delegation in capital of Turkey Ankara together with Minister Mikael Damberg in May 2016. In this activity, after merging, ADB Safegate was one of the participant companies at ministerial visit to Ministry of Transport and B2B discussions in DHMI (Civil Aviation Authority) headquarters. The company had a chance to present their solutions and after efficient business development activities in combination with these fruitful activities, ADB Safegate won a tender for Istanbul New Airport’s ACL technologies and are currently having discussions in additional tenders within this project. ADB Safegate is considering new BSO office space and BSO employments for new Project Managers in their Istanbul office.