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Long-term focus paid off for Frost Tape in Canada

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In June 2016, Business Sweden Toronto started a Business Opportunity Project with Swedish Frost Tape AB to examine the Canadian market potential and find potential distributors for their protective face-tape products. In March 2017, Frost Tape started a successful partnership with a nationwide Canadian distributor.

Cool climate and a high percentage of active outdoor people were two of the most important factors that made Canada interesting for Frost Tape. Their face tape protects against cold related injuries is already being used by both the Swedish and Norwegian national ski teams and with Canada having a reputation as a skiing nation and with a cold climat it was a natural next market. During the process Business Sweden found two other interesting target groups, hunters and anglers – hunting and fishing are activities that are also popular during the winter in Canada. 

Frost Tape’s products were completely unknown in the market and no similar products were available, and the potential was considered to be very promising. Canada has 5 million active skiers, 281 ski resorts, and with over 17 million "ski visits" each year the ski industry is a big market in the country. In addition, there are two million hunters and over three million anglers in the country, excluding tourists.

With the product and the brand being completely alien to the market, a large part of the work for Business Sweden comprised by continuously discussing with the key market players and explaining the market potential for Frost Tape’s products. The discussions combined with Business Sweden’s local presence resulted in collaboration between Frost Tape and one of the major distributors for winter sport in Canada. In March 2017, the partnership started and Frost Tape hopes this will result in nationwide distribution and sales of products in the near future.

Despite the fact that the Canadian market showed good potential for Frost Tape, it took nearly 10 months before a fitting partner was found. Business Sweden work continuously with the Swedish companies and thanks to our local presence and existing networks, we have the opportunity to work long term and thus be in place when the timing is right. 

Business Sweden Toronto did another project with a Swedish company in the beginning of 2014 where the interest from Canadian distributors was low during the project. However, by the end of 2016, one of the distributors we had had discussions with got back to us and said that the timing was better now and they were ready to initiate talks with the Swedish company.

Business Sweden's local offices scattered throughout the world means that we are on the local market and may continue to have contact with the local players long after a project has been completed – which can lead to opportunities after completion of the project. It is therefore important for Swedish businesses to be patient and allow an expansion project take the time necessary and to keep continuous contact with Business Sweden to increase the chances for a successful project.

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