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Mexico - The latin economic locomotive

27 October 2017

Mexico - The latin economic locomotive

Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and one of the most competitive and developed countries in the region. It is the world’s largest Spanish speaking country with strong ties to the rest of the region through a series of free-trade agreements and historic cooperation. In recent years the nation has managed to gain recognition for how strong, open and diversified its economy is.

Business Sweden has put together a report describing the market´s current development, the most promising industries, and how your company can grow international revenues by expanding your business to Mexico. It is ranked as the easiest country to do business within Latin America, by the World Bank’s “Doing Business” report from 2017.

Many international companies manage their operations or sales toward Central and Latin America from Mexico. It is also a gateway to the U.S market, despite the protective politics coming from the north, the Mexican and U.S economies are greatly intertwined with integrated value-chains which are not easily dissolved without affecting both economies negatively.

In the report, we take you through macro-aspects related to the “Trump-effect” along with the challenges of the existing corruption, but focus is put on the many opportunities the Mexican market offers. Such as the industrial base with the automotive sector at its core: only Germany, Japan and South Korea surpasses Mexico in exports of vehicles. We mention reforms in the education, ICT and energy sectors that are starting to have a positive impact on individual citizens and the labor market as a whole, improving weak productivity and ultimately strengthening overall economic performance. In terms of investment in the manufacture and retail markets, Mexico is establishing itself as the most attractive destination in the entire Americas.

At Business Sweden, we are committed to support companies growing their international revenues by finding new revenue streams, shortening time to market and lowering the risks. With our report, we hope to increase interest in the many promising opportunities in Mexico. We cordially invite more Swedish companies to take part in the market and expand operations in Latin America.


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Olof Hällerman

Trade Commissioner
México, D.F
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