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Dare your distributors

14 June 2016

Are you getting the most out of your distributors?

Nearly half of the overall Swedish export is enabled through distributors. However, 65 percent of the exporting Swedish companies are not satisfied with the distributors’ performance. Still, the majority of them stick to these underperforming sales partners.

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    You seem to have a professional distributor, who is passionate and transparent. Continue your excellent work. For inspiration, check out Active distributor management model in the report Dare your Distributors
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    Your distributor is an average performer. There seems to be an open and transparent relationship. However, the trust seems to be lacking. It may be that your product is not the focus of your distributor. A dialogue is recommended to lift up the relationship. Use the Active distributor management model for inspiration (is found in the report Dare your Distributors)
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    Your distributor relationship is, apparently, in drift. Mutual trust seems to be lacking. Distributors is, most likely, using your brand for their promotion purpose. It might also be the case that they are not getting enough support from you. An immediate discussion with your distributor is recommended. Follow Active distributor model for structured discussion with your distributor (is found in the report Dare your Distributors)

Business Sweden’s report “Dare your distributors” shows that distributors, the most significant sales channel partner for Swedish exports companies, are not delivering at their optimum potential. A five-step framework for active distributor management is proposed, as well as tell-tale signs that your distributor is underperforming.

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Distributor Life Cycle

Distributor Life Cycle

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Manik Karn

Investment Advisor