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USA: Trends in Intellectual Property

Insights from the U.S.

For many companies across a wide range of industries, Intellectual Property (IP) rights are crucial for business success and it is of utmost importance to protect these rights. As IP rights are often country specific, it is crucial for Swedish companies to ensure they are protected under U.S. law.  

In addition to understanding IP regulations in the U.S., it is essential to keep the latest trends in mind when managing IP rights. There are several trends that are shaping, or are expected to shape, the American IP landscape in the next few years including technology trends due to the increased threat of cyberattacks and the development and utilization of new technology. Additionally, there is still a controversy surrounding the America Invents Act and there are several legal adjustments that may be implemented in the future. Read more about IP related trends and the opportunities that these trends create in our latest insight on Intellectual Property.

Document information
Author: Louise Söderlind
Date: 24 Jan 2019
Size: 129.0 KB(pdf)