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USA: Sustainable Packaging

An Analysis of the U.S. market

The U.S. is home to one of the world’s biggest packaging markets and sustainability is currently one of the main drivers for innovation in the market. While there right now is a lack of regulations on a federal level, big corporations and state governments are leading the change. Many companies are looking for more sustainable alternatives and are evaluating their whole supply chains, trying to decrease their environmental impact in every step of the life-cycle of their packaging.

As a leader in sustainability, Swedish packaging companies can come in with the expertise that the American companies are looking for and provide the solutions they need to reach their sustainability goals. You can read more about these opportunities as well as the status of the US packaging market in our latest insight on Sustainable Packaging.

Document information
Author: Max Åvall
Date: 22 Jan 2019
Size: 735.7 KB(pdf)