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USA: NAFTA - A Trade Agreement under Renegotiation

Insights from the U.S.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is currently being re-negotiated.  Higher tariff rates, increased U.S. component requirements, and re-worked customs procedures are all potential challenges to the status quo. While exact timeframes and outcomes are still uncertain, what is known is that free trade in the region will most likely not look the same after negotiations conclude 

The level of impact this will have on foreign companies depends on several factors, including your industry of practice, if your operations are local within North America or built on trade, and which strategic positioning your organization takes as you prepare for the changes 

Read Business Sweden’s report on the status of the NAFTA re-negotiations for the details you need to stay informed. Contact us to ensure you are prepared for the new realities of North American trade.

Document information
Author: Max Åvall
Date: 4 Jun 2018
Size: 2.0 MB(pdf)