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Romania: An introduction to the market

Romania is the second largest market in the Central and Eastern Europe (after Poland) according to territory and the number of inhabitants. With a GDP per capita of 10000 USD, Romania is characterized by an upper middle income level.

The country offers unique advantages of a sizeable marketplace, favorable production/ procurement conditions, highly educated personnel in strategic areas like engineering, programming, factory employees. Salaries in Romania are lower than in most other European countries and there is a favorable tax regime with a corporate tax of only 16 %. All these factors are expected to boost Romania´s international competitiveness for many years to come.

The Romanian economy adapting to EU offers business opportunities for Swedish companies.

The EU-membership since 2007 and the availability of external funds have increased Romania´a general attractiveness for international trade and investments. Increasing capital inflows transformed the economy into a main FDI destination among the Central and Southeastern European countries.

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Date: 16 May 2016
Size: 556.5 KB(pdf)