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Russia: Media laws

Thursday Nov 17, 2016 LinkedIn was blocked in Russia on order by the Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor. Business Sweden in Moscow is following the regulatory environment closely and advising Swedish companies on a wide range of issues in doing business in Russia. This white paper briefly outlines the three main frameworks regulating the data and media environment in Russia.

Doing business on foreign markets always includes a certain amount of data gathering and fact finding on how to be compliant with local regulations. The effect of not being compliant with local legislation may be severe and lead to restrictions in operations in the country or even financial penalties. As legislation tends to change over time it’s important to be maintain a close monitoring of applicable laws. The laws outlined in this white paper are all fairly new and only a handful of cases have been tried in lower level courts. How the laws will be applied going forward is not known to its full extent until tried in court.

Our recommendation is to monitor the market closely, seek legal advice when in doubt and strive for full compliance in the operations of the subsidiaries.  



Document information
Date: 20 Nov 2016
Size: 363.4 KB(pdf)