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Japan: Seizing Industry 4.0 opportunities in Japan.

As the birthplace of several manufacturing techniques utilized all over the world, Japan is now positioning itself to introduce next generation smart manufacturing. Japan is a world leader in robotics and manufacturing, with a proud tradition of global technology leaders.

Japan is still lagging behind Germany and the US in terms of smart manufacturing implementation, but Japanese companies still have a firm belief that connected manufacturing will strengthen their competitiveness. This will create opportunities for companies who are willing to partner with Japanese companies and gain a foothold in the world’s third largest market. With many Japanese companies still adopting a wait-and-see approach to the industry, there are significant opportunities for foreign actors to seize the initiative and penetrate the market that is still hesitating, and penetrate the market with a solution that can be adopted globally by Japanese companies. While domestic regulations can prove a stumbling block, Japanese companies have a large and growing overseas manufacturing base, which usually needs to be targeted through company headquarters in Japan.

Document information
Author: Petter Sund
Date: 9 May 2017
Size: 586.0 KB(pdf)