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Finland is facing an in-depth reform of the healthcare system. The core initiative is SOTE - the nationwide social and health care services reform that will be enforced year 2020. The reform will change the structure, services and funding of health and social services as well as transfer responsibilities. The main aim of the reform is ensuring equal and cost-efficient healthcare and social services for the whole nation with improved service quality, availability, and accessibility, as well as a modern and cost effective administration. The change will create opportunities, for not only increased efficiency, but also new value chains, services and business models. SOTE will encourage the development of world-class health technology and embolden new patterns of services. This will break ground for new business models and fast growing new comers. Healthcare companies operating in Finland and those Swedish companies seeking internationalization to their neighbourg in the east will be subject to these upcoming changes.
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Date: 12 Apr 2018
Size: 725.4 KB(pdf)