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Energy Sector Business Opportunity

12 October 2017

Energy Sector Business Opportunity

The demand for sustainable and innovative energy solutions in Indonesia is growing. Indonesia has set a target to increase total electricity capacity with 35GW by 2019. By 2025, the government is targeting to have 23% of the total energy mix using renewable resources. In addition, the government has committed to reduce green house gas emissions by 29% until 2030.

In line with the Swedish export strategy and key focus areas smart grids, energy efficiency and sustainable heating and cooling, this report outlines the potential for Swedish companies in three key areas:

Smart grids. In order to achieve the targeted electrification ratio of 97% in 2019, rural areas throughout Indonesia require smart micro grid technologies and systems that can use various renewable energy resources. The same technologies also have a potential in in industrial estates

Energy efficiency. 70% of industrial energy consumption in Indonesia is concentrated to industries like pulp &paper, textile, cement, fertilizer, and steel. Technologies that can improve energy efficiency within these industries are highly needed. Plant Integration and Control systems are identified as the highest potential areas for industrial applications in Indonesia. There is also a high demand for centralized energy management systems to be implemented in commercial buildings.

Sustainable heating and cooling. Industries in Indonesia use more than 90% of their energy to generate heat. Efficient boilers and furnaces can have a big impact on energy efficiency in Indonesia. Most of the heat generation technologies used in Indonesia are outdated, producing large amount of waste heat. Waste heat recovery technologies and solutions can vastly improve energy efficiency in many industries.