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Double Jump to the U.S.

An Investigation of Swedish Game Development for the American Market

Working closely with Swedish video game developers, gaming industry players, and local stakeholders, Business Sweden USA has created this guide to surviving the jump to America without the support of major publishers. Our aim is to help strengthen your ability to maximize your exposure in this exciting, but crowded market. We've compiled up-to-date statistics about the current market reality in the U.S., in addition to firsthand accounts of the challenges you will face as you expand over here.

Presence in the U.S. provides you with access to around 139 million gamers, but you'll need to be able to stand out among the well-funded, well-marketed titles driven by large publishers. Research indicates that you will need to earmark a substantial proportion of your development budget for advertising and publicity, but the results will be worth it - an average of 4.6x revenue growth versus games with low marketing spend.

Enjoy our report, and keep us in mind if you'll be coming to the U.S. any time soon, especially around GDC. We will be hosting a series of events based on the results of this study, aimed at maximizing your connections to and knowledge about the exposure-generating mechanisms that will propel you to stateside success.

Download the full report to learn more - and don't forget that we're here for you (it's our mission)!

Document information
Date: 14 Dec 2017
Size: 2.9 MB(pdf)