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Cuba: An introduction to the market

President Barack Obama´s visit to Cuba in March 2016 is the first presidential visit in 88 years and a milestone in the relations between the two nations. The removal of Cuba from the “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list in May 2015 and the subsequent easing of the economic restrictions imposed by the US are undoubtedly the most critical game changers for the Cuban economy.

Business Sweden sees business opportunities in Cuba in a number of sectors, such as manufacturing, energy, tourism, ICT and healthcare.

The objective with this report is to inform Swedish companies about the current development in Cuba and the identified business opportunities. Cuba is still a very complex market where local knowledge is key. Access to public statistics is restricted and sometimes unreliable; therefore the sources for most conclusions in this report are based on direct interviews in Cuba with foreign companies and governmental representatives, as well as external market intelligence reports. 

Document information
Date: 22 Mar 2016
Size: 2.3 MB(pdf)