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Canada: Opportunities within retail

The Canadian market is a steady and reliable investment for retail companies. In the past five years, Canada has seen steady growth in many retail industries, demonstrating safe opportunities for Swedish companies existing in Canada as well as for new companies exploring the market.

The key industries included sportswear and footwear, which have both seen growth of over 20 percent in the past 5 years. Children’s clothing has seen an increase in the performance and technical wear, with parents willing to pay premium for higher quality and durability. Outdoor home design has seen growth for items such as outdoor furniture, garden sheds and barbecues as more Canadians tend to enjoy the summer in the comfort of their back yard and cottage. Inside the home, kitchen appliances sales are growing with the increasing interest in healthy eating and home cooking.

All subcategories see promising opportunities with the implementation of the CETA (Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement) free trade agreement between Canada and EU. Expected to be implemented in early 2017, this agreement will eliminate 99 percent of tariffs on exports between EU and Canada and will help to standardize regulations between the two regions. The implementation of this agreement will help all companies have a more even playing filed on the international market.

With a steady economy, a new liberal government and similar business culture to Sweden, Canada is a great stepping stone for export to North America, especially for companies within the retail segment.

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Date: 4 Mar 2016
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