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Buyers Profiles


Teva Castel is an Israeli retailer, focused on the organic, natural & sport nutrition markets. The company is fast growing and aiming for a healthy and responsible way of life.
The company imports selective healthy products, through their sister import company or through other suppliers. The company distributes some of its imported products (i.e. beer) throughout the Israeli market. Teva Castel has a prestigious background in the Israeli & European food industries, especially for milk & dairy.

Teva is looking for to import:

  • Super-food
  • Vegetarian/ Vegan
  • Gluten/Lactose/Sugar free
  • Organic products
  • Beer/ Alcoholic beverages
  • Milk & dairy products


Paneco.com is a global chain of websites that sells online top shelf spirits, wines and beers with free delivery to the consumers' doorstep.
The Israeli branch website www.paneco.co.il is the largest liquor store in Israel and holds over 90% market share of the online liquor sales in Israel.
The company is part of DFA (Duty Free Americas) Group, one of the leading duty free operators in the world, with over 180 duty free stores in the US and international markets.

Paneco is looking for to import:

  • Beer/ Alcoholic Beverages
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages



'Sides - Only the Best' is synonymous with international high-quality food and beverage brands.
Since our establishment in the 1950's, Sides has become one of the leading companies for import, marketing and distribution of food and beverages in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
Why Sides?
Full coverage of both Israel and PNA under same standards.
Management personally involved and responsible for execution.
Committed to the highest standards – sophisticated tracking software, store monitoring, Just in Time approach.
Unique trade relations and networking – over 65 years of activity in the local market.
International business culture – Committed to excellence, ethical conduct and transparency.

Moshe is looking for to import:

  • Super-food
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Gluten/Lactose/Sugar-free
  • Rye/ Wheat Products
  • Oat meal/Oat based
  • Beer/Alcoholic Beverages
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Chocolate/Sweets
  • Confectionery and Sugar



Live Organic is a leading company established in 1987, specializing in the Israeli health food market. Live imports and distributes a wide range of food products, mainly under four categories - organic, natural, vegan and gluten free.
Live holds a modern & fully computerized warehouse operating in four temperature areas -18, +4, +18 and ambient.
All of Live products hold a kosher certification, competitively priced and stands within high quality standards.
Live exclusively represents in Israel some of the leading companies in Europe, such as Dr Schär, Abafoods & Bute Island.
We aim to increase our assortments in the following categories: vegan, organic and health-natural, at all available temperatures.

Live organic is looking for to import:

  • Vegetarian/ Vegan
  • Gluten/Lactose/Sugar free
  • Organic products
  • Oils 


Yavne Group is a leading kibbutz enterprise, renowned for its product line of cucumbers in brine/ vinegar, green and black olives, pickled vegetables and olive oil. Its products are manufactured each year under exacting quality standards and packaged in a range of sizes of cans and jars.
In the past two years, the company opened a new import department which is growing in a fast rate, and has expanded our range of products into numerous categories as specified on top. In 2018 we are estimating our import activity to reach 15 million dollars. We are constantly looking for new areas and products to bring to the Israeli market.

Kvuzat is looking for to import:

  • Vegetarian/ Vegan
  • Gluten/Lactose/Sugar free
  • Organic products
  • Oils
  • Fish, Fish Products & Seafood


In today's “processed” world, we at BASIC & RAW want to improve people’s quality of life by advocating a fresh perspective on daily living and through the introduction of primarily healthy food products and traditionally handcrafted items.
It is our own personal and professional Integrity which we follow in making the highest-standard products available for our customers.
Quality is a guiding value for us. We aim to make the best basic foods and objects accessible to people, because we care about their well-being. Our company is a people conscious business.
We offer carefully selected handcrafted foods and tools which have proven to support health and well-being for centuries on.

Basic & Raw is looking for to import:

  • Super-food
  • Organic products
  • Rye/ wheat products
  • Berries
  • Oils
  • Milk & dairy products
  • Other



G. Willi Food International Ltd. is one of the leading Israeli importers for a wide range of food products from all over the world. The company markets and distributes its products in Israel (to all the supermarket chains, the private market and institutions) and abroad (to the kosher market).
Willi Food was established in 1994 and it imports mostly its private label.
The company also represents some well-known brands (such as Del Monte, Friesland-Campina, Zanetti etc).
The company is a public company traded on the Nasdaq NY stock exchange and its parent company is traded in The Tel Aviv stock exchange.

Willi Food is looking for to import:

  • Baked goods
  • Chocolate/ sweets
  • Oils
  • Fish, fish products & sea food
  • Milk & dairy products



We are a distribution company with a wide range of high quality products constantly looking for new suppliers.

Latfood is looking for to import:

  • Chocolate/Sweets
  • Fish, fish products & seafood
  • Milk & dairy products
  • Confectionery and sugar
  • Berries
  • Beer/ Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Baked goods