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18 Feb - 0:00 Lusaka, Zambia

CSR workshop in Lusaka, Zambia

The workshop is organised in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka and the Zambian Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and will gather key stakeholders within the mining and related areas such as energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, ICT and service.


Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Sweden and the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka are planning a workshop in Lusaka on the 18th of February focusing on a holistic approach towards CSR in Zambia, using international expertise and Swedish and Zambian knowhow to highlight the benefits of working with CSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility has gained increased interest from business in recent years, recognizing the potential of CSR in strengthening brands, gaining competitive advantages and increasing profits as well as contributing to development and poverty reduction. Early work of CSR such as support to stand-alone development projects has in recent years been complemented by comprehensive CSR strategies for core business operations. More and more companies have realized that CSR not only means good PR but that environmental, social and ethical considerations can strengthen the productivity, expand market opportunities and increase economic sustainability.

Swedish businesses have a long tradition of working with CSR and have experienced the competitive advantages with internationally accepted tandards and principles, such as the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

In Zambia, an increasing number of businesses and authorities have realized the potential of CSR and many are planning to scale-up their work in this area. Considering the fact that Zambia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, there is huge potential for business expansion and by using CSR, companies can add a competitive advantage.

Business Sweden has long experience of CSR and international business and has initiated platforms for CSR in order to bring together companies and strengthen transparency and competitiveness.

Aim of the workshop

-  To increase the knowledge within Zambian based companies and authorities of practical ways of integrating CSR in business strategies and operations in order to increase profits as well as contributing to development and poverty reduction.

- Expand and strengthen networks between businesses and authorities and facilitate collaboration on CSR issues.


1-day workshop with participants from Zambian based companies, authorities and organizations within the mining sector and related areas such as energy, transport, manufacturing and service. Point of departure will be practical experiences from Swedish and Zambian companies, case studies, opportunities and challenges in Zambia. The discussions will concentrate on the four CSR pillars identified by UN Global Compact: 1) human rights; 2) labour; 3) environment; and 4) anti-corruption. Shift, a New York-based independent non-profit center with CSR expertise and the Swedish CSR Ambassador will contribute with experience and guidance. The workshop will be inaugurated by the Hon. Robert K. Sichinga, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry.

For more information and registration of interest please contact:

Pascal Lindqvist at Business Sweden in Gaborone, Botswana: