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19 May - 23 May Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan

Delegation to United Nations in East Africa

Business Sweden, together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, invites you to participate in a delegation with the purpose to capture the business opportunities at the UN and its implementing partners in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.

The UN regional procurement hubs in Kenya and Uganda are the largest UN procurement hubs in Africa. These two hubs annually procure products and services in most sectors for the UN missions in East and Central Africa to a total value of over 4 billion SEK. The UN Missions in South Sudan represent, with its 22 agencies, one of the largest UN presences in the East African region.

During the delegation in 2012, in which over 17 Swedish companies participated, several companies initiated sales dialogues with the UN procurement staff already on site. As a further result of the delegation, at least two companies opened offices in the region. Companies are now once again invited back to East Africa to meet with the UN.

Sectors of opportunities

With the right focus and marketing efforts there could be openings for many Swedish companies to do business with the UN. Opportunities are found in all sectors, but particularly in: 

  • Water and Sanitation

    (e.g. Water purification systems, hand pumps, latrines, pipes)
  • Transport solutions (e.g. Custom made trucks, spare parts, repair and maintenance for fleet management)

  • Health care (e.g. Medical equipment, birth registration systems, laboratory equipment)

  • Relief materials (e.g. Blankets, sleeping bags, kerosene stoves, domestic/household items)

  • Construction Equipment (e.g. Prefab shelters material, cement, plastic flooring, pipes and fittings)

  • Food items (e.g. Ready-to-eat-food, nutrition packs,  cereals)

  • Information and Communication Technology (e.g. IT and communication systems, engineering services, security)

  • Energy solutions (e.g. Small electric generators, inverters and batteries, solar panels, solar and gas lamps, innovative solutions for energy supply, engineering services

Target group meetings

The UN invests billions of dollars each year buying these goods and services for peacekeeping, humanitarian and development projects around the world. The delegation will meet with five important target groups:

  • UN Procurement Division in Entebbe, Uganda,

  • UNON and other UN organisations in Nairobi, Kenya,

  • World Bank and African Development Bank in Nairobi

  • NGO’s  + the business community that are implementing partners to the UN in Nairobi and Entebbe

  • The UN-field missions in Juba, South Sudan. 

This delegation will provide a good opportunity to get insight in the business opportunities and daily environment of the UN operations, to meet with the decision makers of the procurement as well as the end users of the products and services being procured, and to take an important step towards succeeding in doing business with the UN. 

More information

For more information please register your interest below or contact:

Mariem Skoog N’Diaye, Manager Business Development, UN & Multilateral Organizations, 
T: +46 8 588 664 02
M: Mariem.Skoog@business-sweden.se 

Deborah Ssempasa, Project Manager, Business Sweden in Kenya,
T: +254 20 374 97 60 / +254 786 507 179
E: Deborah.Ssempasa@business-sweden.se


The registration for this event is overdue. Please contact us for more information.


Deborah Ssempasa,
Business Sweden in Kenya, 
T: +254 20 374 97 60
E: Deborah Ssempasa 

Mariem Skoog N’Diaye,
Manager Business Development,
UN & Multilateral Organizations, 
T: +46 8 588 664 02
M: Mariem Skoog N´Diaye