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29 May - 30 May Riyadh

Improving road traffic safety in Saudi Arabia – The Swedish approach

Business Sweden, in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Riyadh, invites you to participate in a business and expert delegation to Saudi Arabia to meet with the major players from the roads and transportation industry. The delegation headed by the Swedish Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, will visit Riyadh between 29 – 30 May 2016.

The visit will focus on promoting Swedish solutions, products and services, related to the roads and transportation sector in Saudi Arabia. The occasion will act as a door opener for Swedish companies interested in creating or enhancing their business within the relevant fields around roads, transportation and traffic in Saudi Arabia. Discussions with high-levels officials and major stakeholders will provide a platform for identifying the areas where Swedish solutions can help to improve the current road and transportation infrastructure in the country. Some of the areas include the development of infrastructure solutions, vehicle technology, services and education as well as control and surveillance systems. The Vision Zero initiative, the Swedish approach to road traffic safety will be presented during the visit.


The transportation sector will be an important part of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure development. Saudi Arabia intends to invest 190bn USD in the transport sector by 2025. As the 13th largest country in the world, Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in its road network. The total road network is 220 000 km whereof 60 000 km is paved roads. There is a continuous need to improve current road conditions in both urban and rural areas as well as strategic highways between major cities in the country. Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s highest death rates in road accidents with approximately 17 deaths per day and a total of 80 000 injured a year; hence it is considered a dangerous driving environment. Improving road safety in the country is high on the agenda and there are continuous investments in among others red light-enforcement and speed control systems, street dividers and traffic control management.


The purpose of the visit is to position Swedish solutions, products and services, for the growing transport sector in Saudi Arabia. The high road accident death rate, coupled with the large investments in the road network infrastructure creates opportunities for developing a more sophisticated and safe road environment.

Please confirm interest in delegation:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Saudi Arabia!

Mr. Ali Shakir
Trade Commissioner, Saudi Arabia
Business Sweden

Mr. Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt
Ambassador of Sweden
to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For questions please contact:

Susan Wacklin
Desk Officer MEA
+46 7 222 916 38