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The Peruvian Health Care Market

Peru has a population of 30,1 million and health care expenditures of 10 billion USD, which is equivalent to 5,1% of GDP, of which 56% is public and 44% is private spending. The Peruvian government has set focus on social inclusion and it seeks to improve the health care coverage for all citizens of which 7,5 million are not covered by any health insurance. The central government has in collaboration with the regional governments developed an investment plan of 3 billion USD, 2014-2016, which includes renovation and construction of 750 health centres and hospitals all over the country.

The aim is to modernize the public health care and the standard of services. Among the recipients of the announced public investments are the National Cancer Institute, the Institute for Bone Marrow Transplants, and to be able to offer specialized health care solutions to the population in rural and isolated areas. The Peruvian Ministry of Health has expressed a special interest in solutions which would facilitate medical exams, diagnostics and more efficient care for the population in rural areas.

Within the private sector one of the biggest investments currently is a new ”medical mall” which is being constructed in Lima. The initiative encompasses 908 million USD to build a mall for medical equipment, ready in 2016 with 70% of the area already occupied; the aim is to facilitate the purchasing process for the public hospitals and private clinics. If successful the concept will then be applied in other regions in Peru.