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Example of upcoming opportunities in the healthcare sector in Bangladesh

• In Bangladesh, healthcare is offered either through government-run hospitals or through privately-run clinics. Bangladesh is still lagging in health care services for the poor as well as the affluent

• As per the health sector-wide program, the government of Bangladesh is currently adding new healthcare facilities and upgrading selected healthcare facilities spread across the country
o Construction of 48 new 10 bed Mother and Child Health Care hospital
o Addition of 8 Nursing colleges
o Building of 4 new medical college and hospitals
o Upgradation of 18 district hospitals ranging from 50 to 250 beds
o Upgradation of 15 nursing training institutes
o 5 new Medical Assistant Training Schools (MATS)

• In the private Sector Apollo Hospital is constructing a new 50 bed hospital in Chittagong

• United Hospital to come-up with a new hospital unit in Dhaka

• Parkway Pantai of Singapore is planning to open a hospital in the next 2-4 years

• In general new healthcare treatment areas in the private sector include
o Robotic surgery
o Comprehensive cancer treatment
o Kidney transplantation
o Gastrointestinal specialty

• Demand for equipment’s for Hematology and bone marrow transplantation like
o Transfusion machines
o Liquid nitrogen freezers
o Interventional radiology