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27 Oct - 30 Oct South Africa and Zambia

Swedish Railway and Port Programme

Business Sweden in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria and Lusaka invites you to participate in a four day delegation programme to South Africa and Zambia focusing on developments within the railway and ports sector.

This railway and ports programme will be a promotion platform for Swedish products and services aimed at capturing business opportunities for Swedish sub/suppliers within the rail and port sector.

One of the common interests highlight in the programme aims to address the operator’s mine to port strategies by presenting efficient solutions to their biggest mining clients when building new inter-mine infrastructure as per operators.

Major investments within railway and ports are planned to address the great need for efficient infrastructure in each country

Specific business opportunities in South Africa
South African state railway operators’ Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) and Transnet (freight) have embarked on one of the world’s biggest rail infrastructure projects in order to ease current railway constraints faced by the lack of investment during the 1980’s.

An estimated 206 billion SEK will be invested in rail infrastructure over the next 10 years making it the fifth-largest freight railway investment in the world. Their specific focus will be on improving railroads including intermodal and inter-mine connections, signalling systems, branch lines, rolling stock, rapid-rail, capacity building, provision for universal/disability access, rail manufacturing and commercial facilities, intermodal connectivity, ticketing and communications interfaces at stations.

Specific business opportunities in Zambia
Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) which operates both rail passenger and freight trains throughout the country and is the most dominating player has secured 806 million SEK to rehabilitate its railway network.

This investment into railway will be allocated to a number of specific areas which include; the rehabilitation of 1062 km railroad, procuring of new wagons, inter-mine and light engines work trains, modification of dual braking, real-time freight and ticketing systems, dragging detectors, implementation of procurement software, customer databases, service portals, customer care centres, security surveillance monitors (CCTV), and crew monitoring system,.

The purpose of the delegation

The programme aims to facilitate access and build on knowledge and networks by leveraging of Business Sweden and the Embassy´s presence and ability to connect and facilitate Swedish businesses on the South African and the Zambian markets. Smaller and larger participating companies will be given the opportunity to interact with relevant operator’s contacts, decision makers, national governmental departments and local partner enterprises.

Further information about the delegation

Please contact:
Rupa Thakrar Bagoon
: rupa.thakrarbagoon@business-sweden.se

Further information

Rupa Thakrar Bagoon
Business Sweden
E: rupa.thakrarbagoon@business-sweden.se