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Battery R&D

Sweden has a long history of world class academic research on battery technology where Uppsala Ångström Laboratory is world famous but also KTH and Chalmers Universities have well established positions in this field.

Sweden´s position has been confirmed by EU giving Kristina Edström at Ångström Laboratories the coordinator role for the EU Battery 2030+ project. Ref www.uu.se

Swedish industry has a long tradition of battery development and production recently shown by Alelion´s new facilities in Gothenburg ref. With the start of the Northvolt Labs in Västerås in the fall of 2019 Sweden will get a world class position also in the industrial R&D of Li Ion battery cells and their applications.

Sweden´s position in electrification as a whole is well established by companies as AB, Bombardier and Vattenfall. Swedish Research Institute RISE www.ri.se has extensive experience in battery R&D with focus on safety and will, with the new Electro Mobility Lab, SEEL, intended to start operation in Gothenburg and Nykvarn end 2020, be in a leading position for the future.