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Sweden has best country reputation in the world

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Sweden is the most reputable and trustworty country in the world according to the annual survey by the Reputation Institute. It turns out that all Scandinavian countries are placed in the top 10 and are indeed considered some of the most reputable on the planet.

An increasingly globalized world with intensified competition makes country reputations matter more than ever. National reputation, even if based on perception, have a strong impact on a country’s economics and influence. Being seen as trustworthy and respectable attract more foreign business and investments, imports, tourists and improve diplomatic relations.

Sweden has it all: high-quality exports, a tolerant society, low crime, beautiful cities to visit, a high standard of living, a mild climate, and a strong sense of business. Sweden received the highest marks among all countries for perception of an effective government, and ranked second among respondents for appealing environment and its advanced economy. It is seen by many as safe and welcoming.