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How we help

Batteries by Sweden can provide you with information that facilitate the decision making process. Selecting a site is usually a demanding one for all involved parties and unique for each client. We can assist with various issues such as national due diligence, site selection, and different legal and practical investment matters. We work with investors throughout the different needs and phases of the investment process and offer our services also after the investment is made and the company has started their operation.

We can assist in:

  • Delivering a number of possible battery manufacturing sites in Sweden
  • Collecting specific information from a number of selected regions
  • Helping local teams in Sweden to package and communicate their offers
  • Planning, organizing and participating in visits to Sweden for evaluation of specific sites
  • Planning, organizing and participating in meetings with specialists and experts in various areas such as energy market, electricity pricing, investment support etc
  • Planning, organizing and participating in meetings with suppliers, consultants and advisors
  • Delivering information on taxes, laws, labor market, pricing and costs, processes, warrants, customs issues etc
  • Supplying concrete suggestions on experts, specialists, consultants, advisors and companies in a wide range of areas
  • Giving advice on strategic and tactical communication with Swedish companies and organizations

All our services are free and confidential.