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Capturing the data center opportunity

21 June 2016

How can Sweden become a front-runner in data centers?

Business Sweden has in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group produced the report "Capturing the Data Center Opportunity – How Sweden can become a global front-runner in digital infrastructure". The report aims at quantifying Sweden’s growth opportunity in terms of economic but also soft effects and job creation, and identifies areas where Sweden can improve in order to attract a larger share of foreign investments.

The Nordics has recently come up on the radar screen when companies are looking for new locations for large or strategic data centers. Sweden offers plenty of renewable electricity, stable and low prices, strong infrastructure, excellent fibre connectivity and not the least competence and resources to construct and operate facilities. The industry has a large potential for growth, driven by digitalization within practically all areas, and the willingness to move more and more computing capactity to the cloud. At the same time, there is pressure on the IT industry to make the smallest possible impact on the environment.

The data center industry creates significant value for some of Sweden’s largest companies.

Attention in the media is on the largest projects, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Already today, the share of the ’e-economy’ in Sweden is approaching 10% of GDP, and grows 4 times faster than other traditional sectors. The report indicates that in 2015, the data center industry in Sweden had an economic effect of close to 13 bn SEK and employed 7000 people.  

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Tomas Sokolnicki

Senior Investment Advisor, Data Centers by Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
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