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Data Centers by Sweden

Global digital providers need data center locations with world-class connectivity, reliable fibre infrastructure, low-cost renewable energy and robust power grids. What country ticks all these boxes? Sweden.


Low cost of energy

It’s no coincidence that tech giants like Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Facebook have chosen Sweden to host data centers and other mission-critical systems. Running this type of high-tech infrastructure is energy-intensive – and energy costs in Sweden are among the lowest in the world. In Sweden, operators need do no more than open the window to keep their servers cool. Facebook does just that at its data center in Luleå, using outside air to cool its servers all year round.

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Secure and sustainable power

A reliable electricity supply is business-critical. 24/7 server uptime is vital. Sweden has a robust grid that transmits electricity to where it should be with a top-class reliability track record. Not only can data center operators in Sweden capture and reuse excess heat, they can even earn money by selling it back to the grid. Close to 100 percent of Sweden’s power is carbon-neutral thanks to an extensive supply of hydropower and other renewable sources like wind and biofuel. For low carbon and high sustainability, Sweden is tough to beat.

Low latency

Fast fibre networks are imperative for high-speed data. For most financial institutions, even a split-second of lag can cause financial loss. Several nationwide fibre networks ensure that connectivity is never an issue.

Ease of doing business

Sweden is safe, politically stable, and corruption is conspicuously absent. Doing business here is straightforward: in 2017 Forbes magazine ranked us the best country in the world for ease of business.

As you’d expect of one of the world’s most networked countries, there’s a ready supply of skilled personnel like the engineers who keep data centers up and running. Low property costs – especially in out-of-town locations – are another key plus for operators searching for greenfield sites or to develop existing facilities.

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