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Renewable Energy

Since the oil crises of 1979 Sweden has been working actively to minimize its dependence on fossil fuels. In 2012 Sweden become the first country in Europe to meet the renewable energy targets set by EU for 2020, eight years ahead of schedule. To further appreciate Sweden´s leadership it is necessary to know that Sweden´s target of 50% is much higher than the European average target of 20%.

Wind power production

Supported by Sweden´s green certificate system we have had a huge expansion of renewable electricity and particularly in wind power. Wind power production has increased from 0,7 TWh in 2005 to 11,2 TWh in 2014 and continues to grow. The system is geared for a total installation of new renewable electricity production of totally 28.4 TWh by year 2020 for Sweden and Norway (End 2014 the total in Sweden was 17.2 TWh), implying there are still huge opportunities for investments both from foreign and domestic investors. Sites and projects in all phases of development are available all over the country. 

Renewable energy technologies


Sweden is a world leader within bio energy use and technology. There is full coverage of the value chain from raw material handling and processing to end-products. 

In the biogas area, Sweden has world leading technology companies within process optimization and upgrading  as well as a world unique gasification plant. 

Solar power

Research at Ångström Laboratories in Uppsala is in the forefront of the CIGS development. Based on research In Stockholm the company Exeger now leads the way to industrial scale commercialization through the construction of the world’s largest DSC production plant. In Lund nano technology research has made it possible to enhance solar cell efficiency to world record levels by applying a nano wire film.

Two Swedish companies deliver CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) systems based on  world leading Stirling engine technology combined with solar concentrator discs.  Also in hybrid solar technology such as e.g. integration of solar electricity and solar heating modules, solar power and heat pump technology as well as solar thermal and heat pumps, Swedish research and technologies have a leading position.

Smart grid Technologies                          

Even before the term Smart grid was invented Sweden was in the forefront in building and controlling advanced power grids with companies such as ABB and Vattenfall as well as advanced research at large universities. This experience, combined with Sweden´s  world-leading telecom industry has put us at the forefront as we enter the Smart Grid era. In fact, Sweden was one of the first country’s to roll out smart energy meters to all households – this as early as 2009.

To reach our energy efficiency targets, we need smart grid solutions that offer active, demand-side services, efficient networks, zero-energy buildings, and efficient industry and heating sectors. We offer world-leading technology and expertise in smart grid design. Advanced full-scale demonstration projects have for example been implemented on the island of Gotland, in Stockholm Royal Seaport and in the Malmö Hyllie City development project.