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High Coast Invest

At the heart of northern Sweden, you will find the High Coast area — a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its dramatic landscape and beautiful scenery. But for cutting edge businesses, the Swedish High Coast is an attractive location in more than the literal sense. At High Coast Invest, we stand ready to show you why.


Invest in Tourism

The breathtaking landscapes of the Swedish High Coast offer stunning views and thrilling adventures throughout the year. As one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites, the region attracts tourists from all over the world. This also brings excellent business opportunities for investments in the hospitality, outdoor recreation and tourism sectors.
Tourism investments in the High Coast - get more info 

Invest in ICT

Intel, Google, Apple, Huawei, Arm, Microsoft, TechMahindra, Motorola, Oracle, Sun, Sony, Samsung, EA, Facebook, Nokia and many others know that Sweden is the place to go to find inspiration and create innovations. The High Coast is becoming a new Swedish hotspot for collaboration and the forth bringing of new digital solutions and innovative applications.
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Invest in Bioeconomy

The digital era dumped a ton of lemons over a forest industry relying on the demand for products like newsprint and office paper. However, the High Coast cluster of world-renowned researchers and industries managed to make lemonade out of this challenge, and are creating new business opportunities from our never-ending raw material — the Swedish soft wood forest.
Bioeconomy investments in the High Coast - get more info 

Invest in Data Centers

All green electricity from a powerful and stable power grid with the lowest electricity prices in Europe. Sound too good to be true? Well, in the Swedish High Coast it is as real as our chilly winters. Proximity to rivers and the sea provides logistic advantages for business set-ups, but also opportunities for cost-effective cooling. We offer greenfield, brownfield and rock-shelter sites. All packed in a cold climate.
Data center investments in the High Coast - get more info 

Reasons to invest in High Coast

The collaborative community. The High Coast entrepreneurs and researchers are working side by side to see our industries off into the future. Traditional industries are entering the digital era and new ideas and business ventures have been launched thanks to innovative thinking and inspiring working processes.

The global mindset. Some 10 % of the High Coast population was born in another country and the world has never seemed closer. No wonder our exports are high and our foreign-owned companies are flourishing.

The green way of life. It is easy to be environmentally friendly in Sweden and the High Coast area is no exception to the rule. Here, you can run a business solely on renewable energy without paying extra for it.

The well-rooted industry. The history of our industries goes back for centuries. World leading companies such as SCA, Domsjö fabriker and Valmet know that the High Coast area is the place to be. You will too.

The smart and sleek infrastructure. From the High Coast, it is easy to get to an appointment — digitally and physically. High-speed internet access with minimal static is a given, which allows you to conduct efficient and environmentally friendly digital meetings. If you need to get somewhere in person, the High Coast is a less than an hour's filght from Stockholm Arlanda airport, where you can catch direct flights to more than 170 destinations worldwide, including New York, Hong Kong, Moscow and Dubai.

The offer. High Coast Invest will guide you through your entire investment project. From detecting business opportunities and hooking you up with the most strategic sites and sharpest networks, to helping you get settled in the Swedish business landscape and assisting you in your contacts with local authorities.

High Coast Invest