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FAQ Talent Accelerator

Q: When is the last day of application?

A: The last day to apply to Talent Accelerator 2017 is the 10th of February

Q: Who are we looking for?

A: The complete competence requirements and expected experience profile is described in the trainee program information on our career site.

Q: Do you need to be a Swedish citizen to be eligible for a trainee position?

A: No, all nationalities are welcome as we believe in the strength of and therefore encourage a diverse workforce.

Q: What happens after the trainee year?

A: Your contract with Business Sweden will run for two years, the first year being the trainee program. During the second year you will continue as a part of our consulting workforce, either on our entry level as associate or as consultant which is the career level following associate level. This will be decided based on performance during the trainee year. In discussion with our Regional directors and Trade Commissioners the market for your second year will be identified.  

Q: Which markets can I be sent to during the trainee program?

A: To ensure that our trainees receive qualitative guidance and relevant experience from our complete service offering, markets that will receive trainees are those that have a project pipeline with a balanced mix covering our total service offerings and the team capacity to appoint a dedicated counselor for the trainee.

Q: Can I wish for a specific market?

A: We are always attentive to specific requests, but we do expect our trainees to have an open mind to experience new markets and countries. All trainees will experience two different markets during the trainee year, rotating after six months.

Q: What is the difference between joining Business Sweden as an associate from day one and as a trainee?

A: As a trainee you will experience two markets instead of one and the same during your first year with Business Sweden which will broaden your horizons further. As a trainee you receive top management exposure and interaction which is not planned for in the same manner for our associates. You will also receive additional trainings and seminars on the topics of consulting, leadership and sales. 

Q: What does the recruitment process look like?

A: After the last application date, the candidates who best fulfil our requirement profile will be invited to an assessment centre at Business Sweden. Based on assessment results, our final trainee candidates will be chosen.

Q: Do I as a trainee get paid during the trainee program?

A: Yes, as a trainee you receive a monthly base salary and Business Sweden will cover all costs related to travel to and forth from the markets you will work and live in, as well as your living costs abroad.

Q: I already have a couple of years of work experience, can I apply for the trainee program anyway?

A: The trainee program is for newly graduates with approximately 0-1 years of experience. If you have longer experience than that, career wise it is probably more suitable for you to enter directly at consultant level in our organisation and we welcome you to apply for our open positions posted on the career site.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions other than those answered in this document?