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Brief for reports

The brief for reports gives your manager (or other approver) the possibility to evaluate your brief and understand how to in the best possible way guide and support you further. Please answer all questions accordingly. The brief will not be taken into consideration if not all answers are provided.


Write your name, position and office.

Purpose Define main purpose of the insight, i.e. in what context it intends to be used and for what objective.
Main message Briefly describe the main message of the insight.
Link to Business Sweden position (growing international revenue) and content theme Describe the link to grow international revenue and sub-content theme. The content themes are found at the Global Insights page on the intranet.
Target Group Define the target group. Consider industry segment, type of company/business model, as well as the BuS Client Segmentation Model (trade) or client segmentation based on investment drivers (invest).
Value added Define the value added in terms of:
1. News value i.e. the new information/idea/perspective.
2. Sense-of-urgency i.e. why this is critical and interesting for the client segment to read.
3. Call-to-action i.e. the actions that the reader should feel inclined to take.


Outcome Define the output in terms of number of insights and the intended formats, including events. Note that the brief is for the first insight format produced.
Structure Define main chapters and briefly describe content per chapter (for the first insight format produced).


Research method Define the planned method for research, e.g. interviews, survey, desktop study etc.
Project leader Define the project leader for the project.
Overall timeline Define the high-level timeline in terms of preliminary launch date.
Overall budget Define estimated, total budget for the project (only the total budget is required).
Please identify manager for approval.

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