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Brief for marketing activities

The brief for marketing activities gives the Global Insights Team the possibility to evaluate your proposal and understand how to in the best possible way guide and support you further. Please answer all questions accordingly. The brief will not be taken into consideration if not all answers are provided. NOTE: only for events which to be published in the calendar.


Write your name, position and office.

Purpose Define main purpose of the event, i.e. what is the “trigger for it” and what is objective?
Main message Briefly describe the main message, content to be shared and three key topics / questions. If the event is used as a distribution channel for an Insight created, please refer to that Insight.
Link to Business Sweden position and relevant content theme Describe the connection to growing international revenue (from trade or invest perspective), and which content theme it links to as well as which part of the offering.
Target Group Describe the target group, as client segment and e.g. industry, SNI, geography etc. that is targeted and why this event/activity is important to this target group, why should they register?
Value added Define the:
1. News value i.e. the new information/idea/perspective.
2. Sense-of-urgency i.e. why this is critical and interesting for the customer to attend.
3. Call-to-action i.e. the actions that the customer should feel inclined to take.


Type of event Define what type of event that is planned, e.g. delegation, seminar, round-table discussions, match making etc. Local, regional or central perspective. Number of expected registrations.
Venue Define type of venue considered, place and logistics.
Outcome Define the output in terms of new content to be created from the event.


Marketing How do we reach the target group? Which channels?
Timeline Date and time for the event/activity and define the high-level timeline as preparatory- and after work.
Budget Define the estimated budget for the project, venue, logistics and PGS
Please identify manager for approval.

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