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Insights into Packaging and Supply Chain Management

Please join us for an evening of knowledge sharing in sustainable packaging and supply chain management

RSVP by registering you and your collegues here

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”The savings opportunities from cube optimization alone are enough to evaluate your packaging program, in one of our large apparel customers - a redesign of packaging focused on supply chain optimization produced a $30M freight savings”

Packaging is an often overlooked lever in the supply chain. Brands and agents that own inbound freight costs will benefit from this knowledge-sharing forum.

Managing the packaging in your supply chain can have a large positive impact on your bottom line. You will discover how to accurately specify packaging, the benefits of pack optimization, and bulk fill strategies. We’ll share our experience with challenges sourcing packages from China and Southeast Asia such as vendor compliance and consistency between converters and how that effects your brand image. We will demonstrate specific strategies to help you control your packaging and lower your freight and operational costs. Sustainability executives will learn the role of packaging in the supply chain and some basic metrics to consider for overall sustainability reporting.

AGENDA - The Swedish Embassy, Rauchstr.1, Berlin

17.15 - Registration & Drinks

17.30 - Welcome speech and intro from Swedish Ambassador Per Thöresson

17.45 - Welcome from BillerudKorsnäs

18.00 - How to evaluate your packaging programs
In today’s work environment, we are continuously challenged to do more with less. We look to find areas of improvement that can lead to operational savings across our organisations. If you feel like you are running out of places to trim back, we suggest taking a new hard look at your packaging program.

18.20 - The added costs to a business if you do not have packaging control
Do you have visibility into the real costs of your packaging? If OEMs in Asia are sourcing packaging on your behalf, the answer is no. Lack of control also likely means your packaging is not optimised to get the greatest value throughout your entire supply chain.

18.40 - BillerudKorsnäs’ view on sustainability

  • Responsible value chain
  • Increased customer value
  • Bio-based and sustainable society
  • Sustainability credentials

18.50 - Food & round table discussions

19.30 - Understanding your needs

19.50 - Informal Peer-to-Peer networking

20.30 - Closing Remarks




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Ralph von Northausen

International Sales Manager, Managed Packaging I EMEA
Ralph has spent the past 9 years in the paper and flexible packaging industry teaming up with local and global brands to create tailored made packaging solutions. His key competence is to diminish cost throughout the supply chain by optimising packaging and increasing availability in automated DC’s.

What IF – Packaging can significantly reduce your global Co2 foot print!


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Bettina von Patow

International Sales Manager, Managed Packaging I EMEA
Bettina has spent the past 12 years working with Brand Owners to develop and implement packaging solutions that drive millions in supply chain savings yearly.  She is experienced in understanding individual packaging needs as well as improving environmental performance.

WHAT IF - packaging can reduce your logistic spend!

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Johan Månsson

International Sales Manager, Managed Packaging I EMEA
Johan joined BillerudKorsnäs in 2019 but has more than 8 years’ experience partnering up with Global and Local brands in areas of branding and packaging ensuring tailor made solutions that stands out and being fit for purpose. He has great understanding of the importance of a functional supply chain, having experience in the aerospace industry.


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Linus Nissen

Consultant Berlin Consultant, Berlin
+49 30 893 60 636