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Business Sweden heads smart city delegation to Guanajuato

On February 1-2, Business Sweden together with the Swedish Embassy visited the Mexican state of Guanajuato with the objective to present Swedish technology and experiences of smart and sustainable urbanization solutions to private and public stakeholders.

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Sweden has been at the forefront of sustainability for a long time and is continuously implementing new standards, new technologies, effective policy instruments and promoting changes in behavior in order to reduce emissions and maintain a sustainable transportation system. To transfer our experiences in this area and capitalize on growing business opportunities in the Mexican market owing to the country´s increased focus on developing sustainable and smart societies, Business Sweden Mexico created the SweMex Alliance for Smart Cities consisting of ABB, Axis Communications, Ericsson and Volvo. The participating companies have unique strengths and complement each other’s´ capabilities to provide innovative technology for modern sustainable cities and intelligent solutions. In collaborative efforts, the SweMex Alliance offers turnkey solutions and pre-determined cooperation for ongoing projects in Mexico and the Central American region.

The two-day delegation started in the Guanajuato Inland Port complex near the city of Silao, with simultaneous presentations and discussions on three specific topics. Representatives from Ericsson moderated a discussion dedicated to intelligent spaces and showed the participants how its advanced connectivity and IoT solutions can optimize efficiency, boost productivity, and increase safety in environments such as hospitals, schools and other public places. The second focus area for the session was renewable energy where ABB held a fruitful dialogue on how to make buildings intelligent and shape the future by using its world-leading, innovative energy management solutions. In a third working group, Volvo and Axis Communications joined forces to discuss electromobility and public safety. These partners showed how they collaborate on a global level to promote safer and cleaner cities through electric buses and cutting-edge video surveillance solutions. In the thematic discussions participated state secretaries, officials from the government of Guanajuato and representatives from the municipality of Leon.

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After the thematic discussions, the delegation sat down with the managing director of the Guanajuato Inland Port to talk about its future prospects and challenges. The dry port facility has in a short period of time become a major logistics hub in Mexico and a popular place of establishment of multinational enterprises. For Swedish companies in the automotive sector looking to capitalize on the opportunities in the Mexican market, the inland port should be considered given its proximity to several OEMs.

Day one of the delegation concluded with a high-level dinner in the city of Leon hosted by Mayor Hector López Santillana, and the Swedish Ambassador, Annika Thunborg, as guest of honor. Various topics were subject to discussion during the course of the dinner but the conversation focused on how the rapidly growing city of Leon can tackle issues of public safety, mobility and sustainability in its bid to become a smart city.

On day two, wrapping up the visit, the Governor of Guanajuato, Miguel Marquez Marquez, received the Swedish Ambassador and the Delegation for a working breakfast and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the state of Guanajuato and Sweden, to propel the exchange of knowledge and joint actions in corporate social responsibility, sustainability, best practices in public administration, education and gender equality.

The members of the Swedish delegation and the Mexican counterparts were very pleased with the outcome of the delegation and follow-up meetings between members of the SweMex Alliance for Smart Cities and State representatives from Guanajuato have been scheduled.

For media coverage from the delegation and to learn more about the SweMex Alliance for Smart Cities, please follow the links below:

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09 Februari 2018