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Interview with Business Sweden Trade Commissioner on future for trade in Mexico

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Since the inauguration of the new president in the United States of America, there have been a lot of writing and speculation in newspapers all over the world. All wonder how the new US president´s politics will affect not only the world but the development in their own countries, and turn to experts for answers.

Business Sweden´s Trade Commissioner to Mexico, Olof Hällerman, was recently interviewed by Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri on how Donald Trump´s trade politics would affect Swedish companies. The newspaper mentioned the potential 20-percent fee for bringing goods across the border into the United States, which may have effects for several Swedish companies.

Olof Hällerman stated that several sectors are promising no matter what happens in the US, such as transport, energy, mining and health care. And not to forget, Mexico is a huge market of 127 million inhabitants, the country’s area is approximately equal to half the EU. Some industries are of course more vulnerable than others, like the automotive industry for example, but as a whole, the Mexican economy is relatively good.

Today there are approximately 100 Swedish companies present in the Mexican market. Most of them have come here for the opportunities given by the domestic market. But of course, all companies need to follow the development in the US closely. This is what Business Sweden Mexico is doing thoroughly, in our strive to help Swedish companies reach their full international potential.

Read the full articles in Swedish here:

01 Februari 2017