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Swedish Canadian Mining Initiative – a collaborative approach to drive transformation in mining

On April 4th, 2017, top executives from the most prominent Canadian mining companies and organizations met with Swedish suppliers and key industry associations to discuss joint efforts to drive the transformation in mining. During the one day conference, with opening speech by State Secretary Oscar Stenström, some of the current challenges in mining were discussed as well as opportunities to solve these by new ways of collaboration between Canada and Sweden.

Canada is one of the largest mining nations in the world and home to a majority of the world’s publicly listed mining and exploration companies. In the past years, costs have been increasing due to higher complexity, declining ore grades, deeper mines, stricter regulations and the low value of commodity prices. Currently Canadian mining is undergoing transformation in order to tackle these challenges.

Swedish suppliers are leaders in mining technology with over 50% of the underground technology used around the world coming from Sweden. Both large Swedish companies and SME’s are playing an important role in driving the innovation in the mining industry forward. Canada has one of the largest mining supply sectors globally with more than 3,700 companies supplying engineering, geotechnical, environmental, financial and other services to mining operations. Partnerships with Swedish suppliers are possible to drive development in the industry forward.

On April 4th Business Sweden organized the Swedish Canadian Mining Initiative, a full day conference, together with its Canadian and Swedish partners to initiate discussions around opportunities for joint efforts in solving the current challenges in mining through the creation of new platforms that will enable bilateral mining projects.

Topics for the day included:

  • How can Canadian mining accelerate transformation into digital and electrified mines?
  • Why is continuous mining important to reduce costs of operation and to facilitate automation? How can continuous processes be implemented while maintaining reliability through e.g. predictive maintenance and machine diagnostics?

Business Sweden and our partners share a strong belief that current and future challenges in mining can be solved by new ways of collaboration between Swedish suppliers, Canadian suppliers and Canadian miners since no supplier has one single solution for all challenges. New technology and business models in mining have been tested in Swedish industry pilot projects such as the PIMM project (Pilot for Industrial Mobile communication in Mining).  A collaborative platform for such pilot projects can drive necessary transformation in Canada as well as other collaborative platforms.

The ambition from Business Sweden and our partners has been that the conference becomes the first step in increased collaboration between Swedish and Canadian mining industry. The next steps are currently being discussed and will be shared in the coming months.

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Lydia Engholm

Trade Commissioner Toronto Trade Commissioner, Toronto
+1 647 971 8152
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Christian Orrego Silvander

Consultant, Mining Industry Advisor Consultant, Mining Industry Advisor
+1 416 922 8152