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Brazil Wastewater Business Opportunities

Both private and public sector are open to new opportunities in waste water treatment. With higher investments in sanitation, tougher legislation, growing environmental consciousness and interest of cost reduction by the industry, there is potential for Swedish companies in the sector.

For the private stakeholders, the increasing water price and regulation are the main driving factors pushing for investment in water treatment. Steel industry already reuses 96.5% of its consumed water, whilst, Food & Beverages is still incipient in water reuse when considering medium and small companies. Pulp & Paper also shows potential as the industry is working on increasing the percentage of reused water from the current level of 34 percent.

Within the Brazilian public realm, only half of the population has access to sewage network and around 60% of sewage is not treated. The states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais are among the ones with the highest potential for expansion of the water treatment system, according to variables such as consolidated network and availability of resources for investment. Incentives from central and state governments are propelling large investments by municipalities in these states, which will open up for opportunities for Swedish companies from the waste water segment.