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There are two green building certifications in Brazil – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Alta Qualidade Ambiental i.e. High Environmental Quality (AQUA). Both are adapted to the Brazilian reality from their initial American and French base respectively.

The Green Building Council (GBC) Brazil and Fundação Vanzolini (FV) have adapted the US standard based LEED and French HQE respectively to Brazilian conditions. The GBC has certified 41 buildings since 2007 and has 420 applicants in the phase of construction. Since 2008, FV has certified 53 constructions and expects to reach 100 by the end of this year. Both emphasize the importance of site selection and use, waste management, use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable use of resources, especially energy and water, both during construction and operations.

The LEED process for new construction or restoration uses seven main categories and is only accredited a finalized project. The AQUA certification takes place in three phases (plan, project and the final construction) and evaluates according to specifications in 14 categories. In addition, FV certifies operations of a previously AQUA certified construction and offers a trademark for sustainable construction material. There are currently 15 LEED knowledgeable consultancies and 10 AQUA savvy that help architects and construction companies with the technical requirements and administrative work.