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Successful Cement Delegation on November 2012

In June 2012, Business Sweden shared an initial market research about the cement industry in Brazil as it is one of many where stricter laws create business opportunities for Swedish companies.

Being one of the first nations to adopt strict emission levels, Sweden has a large number of environmental technology suppliers within various industries.

Business Sweden organized a business delegation of Swedish companies with the objective to facilitate business with potential Brazilian clients within the cement sector. Four companies participated on the  three day program, on November 28th – 30th, which included two days of business meetings and one seminar-day in cooperation with the Brazilian Portland Cement Association (ABCP). The Delegation included meetings in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba.

The business meetings enabled the Swedish companies to meet with important decision makers from Brazil's largest cement players to present their technology and learn about the potential clients’ investment plans.

The seminar gathered a large group a stake holders such as representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, cement companies, and authorities that are involved in the upcoming activities for the sector. Since Brazil is currently revising its policies on waste handling, the cement industry is seen as a key player for handling urban solid waste. The possibility of incinerating waste in cement kilns, so-called co-processing, is discussed as an effective solution.