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Air Pollution

The SETI Air Pollution track focuses on industrial air pollution for cement and other segments. Although vehicles are a major source of pollution in Brazil, there are also few restricting measures and lower possibility to control make this segment less attractive in near future.

Air pollution is an issue in all major cities and industrial centers, but the awareness of the problem is not uniform throughout the country. Lack of comparable data and accurate information makes comparison accross states and areas difficult and lowers the sense of urgency to resolve the existing and potential problem.

São Paulo state, after learning the hard way, introduced strict environmental licensing and measures to control air pollution. It is now at the forefront of control and prevention in Brazil and continues to update the permitted levels to improve air quality for its inhabitants. Other states are slowly following suit.

The increasing control measures and regulations push companies to search for better filtration solutions. Some will choose to relocate their factories in order to gain space and have the possiibility to live up to the new standards; others will open new units in regions that recently gained purchasing power. All of these scenarios open up opportunities for Swedish companies to offer and provide environmental technology solutions within air pollution.

Business Sweden carried out a seminar for Swedish companies within the cement industry in 2012 and is preparing a follow-up activity as well as another focus area for 2014.